Just like any other great product, ours has a story.

Years ago (a few too many…), while taking shop class, I had the vision for a wood project that involved a chair. Most students were creating chessboards, but I decided to take on a far more ambitious project of building a chair. I researched and contemplated the wood choice, the design, the joinery and other details that took me down a path of building a chair over the course of the year long class. I didn’t realize this chair project would take on a life of its own.

The original chair included internal dowels and was made of solid ash. The edges of the legs didn't line up perfectly, and hence you will notice the logo has an offset 7. The original version has been upholstered a few times, but it still sits in my office today. One of the pictures on the website is of the original chair. 

Fast forward a few years, when we were furnishing our first house. The cost of a nice chair was so high that we ended up buying a few cheap furniture pieces, (who could blame us?), and we have since sold or donated all of those items, as none of it had any lasting quality or sentimental attachment.

After some research, I realized that the furniture industry is dominated by many large companies and I found that production is being done outside of the US. I wanted to create an alternative. It was time to bring our Chair to life. By designing and building in-house, and engaging with customers directly, our goal is to provide incredible quality, killer design and fabric customization that is worthy of keeping for generations. We believe that when you’re shopping for furniture, the furniture should choose you.

We believe in the pride that comes from working hard to create something from scratch. Every chair we sell has been made with meticulous care and detail. We are focused on limited production, numbered pieces that will compliment any built environment.

We were founded on a remarkably simply concept: to offer designer chairs, crafted in our own backyard. We hope that the creative energy that we have given to our company, finds its way into your built environment.

This is just the beginning of the tale. Find your chair, bring it into your universe and make it a part of your own story.